International Trivia

1. The country of India is shaped like which animal part?
       a) A lion foot
       b) A giraffe neck
       c) An elephant trunk
       d) An elephant ear

2. True or False? Children in India brush their teeth with special twigs from Neem trees.

3. In India a game similar to chess is played. It is called ___________.
       a) Pasa
       b) Mancala
       c) Senet
       d) None of the above

4. True or False? in India it is considered very rude to sit on the floor to eat.

5. One of the biggest differences between an Indian elephant and an African elephant is ____________.
       a) The Indian elephant is bigger than the African elephant.
       b) The African elephant is bigger than the Indian elephant. 
       c) African elephants have brown eyes and Indian elephants have green eyes.
       d) There is no difference.

6. True or False? The dots applied to the center of the foreheads of Indian women are called Bindis. 

7. The Taj Mahal is known as ____________.
       a) A monument to universal love.
       b) A war memorial.
       c) A religious cathedral.
       d) A community commons.

8. True or False? Shah Jahan, who had the Taj Mahal built to entomb his wife Mumtaz Mahal had intended to have a black version built for himself. 

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1. The Panamanian Golden Frog is on the endangered species list. Why?
       a) Fungus
       b) Improper breeding conditions
       c) Poaching
       d) An unexplained attack from red eyed tree frogs

2. True or False? The Panama Canal is a sea level canal system like the Suez Canal in Egypt.

3. The length of The Panama Canal is what?
       a) 50 miles
       b) 100 miles
       c) 150 miles
       d) 200 miles

4. True or False? Panama was Mexican territory until the early 1900s when US President Roosevelt helped them gain independence. 

5. The geographical term used to describe the type of land mass for Panama is______.
       a) An island
       b) A prairie 
       c) An isthmus
       d) A delta

6. True or False? The art form used by traditional Kuna women in clothing using layered appliques is called mola art. 

7. Panama is part of________.
       a) North America
       b) Mexico
       c) Central America
       d) South America

8. True or False? The capital of Panama is Panama City. 

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1. The Capital city of Botswana is what?
       a) Gabarone
       b) Francistown
       c) Molepolole
       d) Ramotswa

2. True or False? One of the largest exports of Botswana are diamonds.

3. The name of the art form practiced by the indigenous women of Botswana using mud and cow dung is what?
       a) Batik
       b) Mud basketry
       c) Lekgapo
       d) Home mud ceramics

4. True or False? Botswana has several kinds of native melons that grow and it has been claimed that watermelon originated in Botswana.

5. What is the name of the desert in Botswana?
       a) The Sahara Desert
       b) The Mojave Desert
       c) The Kalahari Desert
       d) The Owami Desert

6. True or False? Wildlife in Botswana includes lions, giraffes, zebras, and elephants, but there are no monkeys.

7. The river that flows and drains into The Kalahari Desert is called what?
       a) The Nile River
       b) The Okavango River
       c) The Groot River
       d) The Tugela river

8. True or False? In Botswana phane stew is a food dish made with edible worms called mopane worms. 

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1. The capital of Scotland is what?
       a) Glasgow
       b) Edinburgh
       c) Dundee
       d) Aberdeen

2. True or False? The Loch Ness Monster is often referred to as "Lochie".

3. In Scottish folk and fairy tales, fairies are often called what?
       a) Squeakers
       b) Brownies
       c) Bannocks
       d) Wee Minis

4. True or False? The mountain dwelling Red Deer are considered to be a Scottish icon.

5. One endangered, the Golden Eagle, which is considered to be the most magnificent bird in      Scotland, has a wing span of ______?
       a) 4 feet
       b) 5 feet
       c) 6 feet
       d) 7 feet

6. True or False? The Loch Ness Monster is believed to be located in a lake in the city of Dundee. 

7. The Scottish festival that celebrates the first day of May, or May Day, is called what?
      a) Hogmanay
      b) Up Helly Aa
      c) Beltane
      d) Whuppity Scoorie

8. True or False? According to Scottish fairy tales, fairies can be very helpful with household tasks as long as you don't offend them. 

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1. The capital city of Peru is what?
       a) Cusco
       b) Ica
       c) Lima
       d) Chincha Alta

2. True or False? In Peru there are five different flags that are commonly used.

3. In Peru llamas are raised for what?
       a) Meat, fleece, and as pack animals
       b) Only for their fleece
       c) Only for meat
       d) Llamas are not raised in Peru.

4. True or False? In Peru, Guinea Pigs are eaten on special occasions and are considered a delicacy. 

5.Peru is located in
       a) Central America
       b) South America
       c) Africa
       d) Asia

6. True or False? The mountain range that is found in Peru is known as The Alps.

7. Which of the following is NOT the name of a Peruvian Flag?
       a) The National Ensign
       b) The War Flag
       c) The Naval Jack
       d) The Common Flag

8. True or False? Machu Picchu is also referred to as "The Lost City of The Incas."

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1. An Egyptian nameplate is called what?
       a) A tag
       b) An emblem
       c) A scarab
       d) A cartouche

2. True or False? The first shower was in Ancient Egypt.

3. The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol. What does it represent?
       a) The loss of Horus' eye
       b) The idea that someone is always watching you
       c) Protection
       d) A warning

4. True or False? The Egyptian wolf is a rare and endangered canine that inhabits remote regions of Egypt.

5. The National Flower of Egypt is what?
      a) The Water Lily
      b) The Desert Rose
      c) Jasmine
      d) Bird of Paradise

6. True or False? Contrary to popular belief, Camels are rarely seen in Egypt.

7. What is the primary mode of transportation in Egypt?
    a) Boat
    b) Car
    c) Train
    d) Bus

8. True or False? The Nile River flows from South to North. As a result, Northern Egypt is called Lower Egypt and Southern Egypt is called Upper Egypt. 

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1. The capital of Cuba is 
        a) Santa Clara
        b) Havana
        c) Guantanamo
        d) Camaguey

2.True or False? Cuba touches The Gulf of Mexico, The Caribbean Sea, and The Atlantic Ocean.

3. Indigenous Cuban people are called
       a) Ciboneys
       b) Aborigines
       c) Indians
       d) None of the above.

4. True or False? Pastelitos are a snack often enjoyed by Cubans. The word patelitos translates to "filled with paste."

5. What 2 things are sometimes put on the end of ribbons in a Cuban wedding cake?
        a) A piece of candy and a Piece of fruit
        b) A ring and a chicken bone
        c) A ring and a thimble
        d) A cigar and a ring

6. True or False? The Cuban tody bird which is thought to be the worlds smallest bird is the National Bird of Cuba.

7. The official language of Cuba is 
      a) French
      b) English
      c) Spanish
      d) It doesn't matter as long as it is said very loudly. 

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1. Ireland is divided into two sections, they are:
        a) Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland
        b) The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
        c) The republic of Ireland and Southern Ireland
        d) Ireland Proper and Ireland West

2. True or False? There are no snakes in Ireland and the only reptile that is native to Ireland is the Common Lizard. 

3. The capital city of Ireland is:
        a) Belfast
        b) Limerick
        c) Dublin
        d) Galway

4. True or False? The National Plant of Ireland is the Shamrock.

5. Inspired by the teachings of St. Patrick, monks hand wrote several books with beautiful colors and designs. The famous book is called:
        a) The Book of Sarph
        b) The Book of Erin
        c) The Book of Blarney
        d) The Book of Kells

6. True or False? The Irish Flag is known as the Glory of Erin.

7. Castles were built all over Ireland. For what reason?
        a) For opulent living
        b) To use up the abundance of stone
        c) To protect against viking and other clans
        d) To be able to go high in the event of a flood

8. True or False? Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle because there are massive amounts of emeralds buried within the stone walls of the castles. 

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1. In Pakistan the official language is English, but the National Language is what?
        a) Punjabi
        b) Urdu
        c) Persian
        d) Hindi

2. True or False? Pakistan originally consisted of two parts, East Pakistan and West pakistan, but they separated and one part became Bangladesh. 

3. In Urdu the word Pakistan means what?
        a) Land of the camel.
        b) Land of the pure.
        c) Land of God.
        d) Land of the monsoon.

4. True or False? The best mode of transportation in Pakistan is by car.

5. The capital city of Pakistan is what?
        a) Tajikstan
        b) Tehran
        c) Kabul
        d) Islamabad

6. In some areas of Pakistan women wear the full head to toe black burqa. In other areas they just wear a head scarf that matches their clothes. These are called the Hijab. 
True or False? Most women wearing the Hijab in Pakistan do so of their own choice.

7. In what area is Pakistan located?
        a) The Middle East
        b) South America
        c) South Asia
        d) Africa

8. There is a wide range of wildlife in Pakistan, including Jackals, hyenas, himalayan bears, the rare snow leopard and the markhor.
True or False? The Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan.  

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1. Which of the following foods is NOT originally from Mexico?
        b) Avocados
        c) Chocolate
        d) Rice

2. True or False? The capital city of Mexico is Mexico City.

3. In Mexico the main meal of the day has several courses and is served at what time of day?
        a) 12:00 noon
        b) 2:00 in the afternoon
        c) 4:00 in the afternoon
        d) 6:00 in the evening

4. True or False? In Mexico the best mode of travel is by burro.

5. Every September, Mexico celebrates the day that the Mexicans revolted and eventually won independence from Spain. What is this day called?
        a) Cinco de Mayo
        b) Dia de los Muertos
        c) El Grito de la Indepencia
        d) Fiesta de la Indepencia

6. True or False? Among the architecture of Mexico there are many Spanish style buildings as well as pyramids.

7. Mexico is the world's leading supplier of which of the following?
        a) Gold
        b) Silver
        c) Copper
        d) Brass

8. True or False? People who ruled an empire in Mexico a long time ago were called Aztecs.

Bonus Question: What is the name of the female artist from Mexico who was married to Deigo Rivera?

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1. The Great Artesian Basin is
        a) The largest ground water source in Australia.
        b) The largest ground water source in the world.
        c) Eerily located in The Outback.
        d) Not located in Australia.

2. True or False? The Great Barrier Reef is the second largest living organism in the world.

3. Kangaroos, Wallabys, Koalas and Sugar Gliders are all what?
        a) Vegetarians
        b) Egg Layers
        c) Marsupials
        d) Republicans

4. True or False? Aborigines are about 10% of Australia's population.

5. Many of the early settlers in Australia were...
       a) Looking for gold.
       b) Criminals sent to live in Australia for punishment.
       c) Pirates looking for sunken treasure along the coast.
       d) Farmers looking to expand their crops.

6. True or False? The Great Barrier Reef is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world.

7. The largest rock in the world is located in heart of Australia, it is 1100 ft. tall and is called.... 
        a) Labana
        b) Uluru
        c) Red Rock
        d) Blue Rock

8. True or False? Platypus, Kangaroos and Koalas are found only in Australia. 

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1. "Eet Smakelijk" (pronounced "Ate Smahk-A-lick") means what in English?
        a) Eat Freely
        b) Eat Deliciously
        c) Eat Quickly
        d) Eat It All

2. True or False? The capital city of The Netherlands is Amsterdam.

3. What is the primary mode of transportation in The Netherlands?
        a) Bicycles
        b) Buses
        c) Cars
        d) Boats

4. True or False? The Netherlands took first place in the 2010 World Cup Championship held in South Africa. 

5. This animal was extinct in the wild in The Netherlands, but through captive breeding and release into reserves, they are no longer extinct in the wild.
        a) Roe Deer
        b) Wild Boar
        c) European Badger
        d) Hamster

6. True or False? Amsterdam is known as The Diamond Center of The World, because it was there that some of the world's largest and most famous diamonds were cut and polished.

7. Which of the following artists was born in The Netherlands?
       a) Louise Nevelson
       b) Diego Rivera
       c) Vincent VanGogh
       d) Edgar Degas

8. True or False? Windmills have their own names painted on them, much like a sailboat.

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1. What two bodies of water border Morocco?
       a) The Indian Ocean and The Mediterranean Sea
       b) The Atlantic Ocean and The Mediterranean Sea
       c) The Atlantic Ocean and The Red Sea
       d) The Indian Ocean and The Black Sea

2. True or False? The South Western part of Morocco is known as the Pre-Sahara.

3. The art of Henna Tattooing is also known as what?
       a) Hindi
       b) Hendi
       c) Mehndi
       d) Trendi

4. True or false? Mint flavored green tea is the main Moroccan drink.

5. Which animals DO NOT live naturally in Morocco?
      a) Lions and Monkeys
      b) Cheetahs and Hyenas
      c) Giraffes and Elephants
      d) Camels and Egyptian Cobras

6. True or False? Moroccans sit at large rectangular banquet tables and eat using bread and hands.

7. The National Dish of Morocco is what?
     a) Couscous
     b) Lamb
     c) Chicken
     d) Beef

8. True or False? A meal called a Sadaqa is offered on the 40th day after someone dies and anyone who shows up for it is welcome to eat, because Sadaqa means "Charity".

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1.What is the capital city of Greece?
       a) Athens
       b) Olympia
       c) Santorini
       d) Sparta

2.True Or False? The word "Alphabet" comes from the Greek words for "A" and "B".

3. What city were first EVER Olympics held in?
       a) Athens
       b) Olympia
       c) Santorini
       d) Sparta

4. True or False? Olympia's statue of Zeus was one of The Seven Wonders of the ancient world.

5. Olive trees are raised for their fruit and oil in which part of Greece?
       a) The Mountain Regions
       b) The Coastal Mediterranean Region
       c) All of Greece

6.True or False? Philosophers Plato, Socrates and Aristotle all lived in Greece.

7. While learning about Ancient Greece what prompted Aiden to say, "That's NOT fair!"?
       a) The fact that the Olympics are only held every four years.
       b) The fact that girls were not allowed to go to school.
       c) The fact that the Statue of Zeus no longer exists.
       d) The fact that the first modern Olympics were not held in the same city as the Ancient                       Olympics.

8. True or False? The men and women of Ancient Greece wrote and acted out many plays.

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