Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hacer Un Parte Dos De Piñata (Mexico)

Three days. Three days is the amount of time that it took to get from part one to part two of making the piñata.  After the first day I was surprised that it was still as wet as it was, but mostly it was wet on the side that was “down” on the table (I knew I should hang it to dry, but it was so wet and heavy that I was worried it would tear). I turned it so the wet part would be able to dry and assumed that the next day it would be ready to decorate. The next day it was drier, but still moderately damp. I had these visions of the paint bubbling up as the last bits of moisture tried to make their way out, so I decided that we should wait one more day. Day three was the magic day, it was bone dry and ready to be adorned with paint, glitter, streamers and pom poms.

He's working hard to get that glitter glue out of the tube.

Aiden wrote his name.

I have heard of making piñatas and adding cardboard and decorating it to look like other shapes (animals, stars, etc). I briefly considered trying to make a star, but I decided that with my kids being the ages that they are, it made sense to keep it simple this time. Have you ever made a piñata? What shape did you do? Were your kids helping? 

*If you missed Part I of making the piñata, you check it out here. Also, see how we made The Mexican Flag here*

(Translation: Hacer un parte dos de piñata- Making a piñata part two)


  1. this is SUCH a cute idea and is pretty cool!! I really loved the pinata.

  2. Thank you! We had a lot of fun and I discovered just how much my kids love using glitter glue :)


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