Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get Out Your Wooden Clogs (The Netherlands)

What? You don't have any wooden clogs? Well, as we turned our calendar I was pretty excited to see that The Netherland’s would be our next “stop”.  My brother, sister in law and nephew currently live in Amsterdam and I have been dying to go there, but airfare is pricey and since I'm not quite ready to sell a kidney, this mode of learning and exploring from home will have to suffice.

The first thing we did was get started on our construction paper flag.  If you aren’t familiar with the flag of The Netherlands then you might think I am exaggerating when I say that it took more time to get the supplies out of the closet than it did to make the flag, but look below and you will see, it is no exaggeration.

So far this was the easiest flag to make. Project #1 done.
The next step was to try to find some music to enjoy throughout the month while we learn more about the area. Since I had really good luck with the last two countries that we visited by just googling, I tried that again. This time, when I found free streaming radio, I pushed play and heard Mr. Big, “To Be With you”. WAIT, WHAT???? Mr. Big is Dutch???? Nope. Then, I tried again and basically, got Rick Rolled (You're welcome). I was learning that I might have to give up on finding any Dutch radio that wasn’t American radio from 20 years ago. 

When project day came, I once again, pulled out the Sculpey, I love this stuff! (See other Sculpey projects we did here and here). We had already invited some friends to this month’s celebration, so we decided to invite them to do the project with us too. Wooden clogs, seemed very clichĂ© and therefore, the perfect thing to do. So, we made mini sculpey clogs.

Aiden and his friend holding their creations.
Eliana holding her clog.
Obviously, when you are making dutch clogs, you must adorn them with tulips and windmills.
With the flag done and the craft project done. Our "trip" to The Netherlands was shaping up nicely, I was already working on the menu planning. 

My Nephew (shown below) currently lives in Amsterdam and has been contemplating joining the football team (soccer as we call it in The U.S.).  I am sure that if they had him on their team last year, The Netherlands would have won The World Cup instead of placing second. 
Whoa! That's a big ball!
I *did* mention that my nephew is a dog didn't I ?????
I hope his PR Manager doesn't mind that I used his picture. 


  1. How did you do the windmills and tulips? Are those drawn on or painted? They are adorable!

  2. Thanks! I used teeny tiny markers, to draw the detail on them.

  3. Trust me, the lack of Dutch pop music was no big loss. It sounded like English rap played backwards... very funny when you are enjoying all the, er... things Amsterdam legally offers. :)


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