Monday, December 12, 2011

Help Us Spin The Globe

As you have (hopefully) figured out by now, each month we learn about a new country. This past year we made a list of countries that we wanted to learn about and then we put them in a hat and selected which one we would learn about each month. I have had several people ask, "When are you going to do Thailand, India, Cuba, etc." So, I thought it would be fun if my readers helped line up our countries for next year. There are a few that we want to be sure make the list, ones that we ended up having to bump from this year for one reason (living room renovation) or another (unexpected trip out of town) and ones that we have been inspired to learn about. So please comment here and add your suggestions. When we have a list compiled, we will once again, draw from the hat to determine each month's destination and they will be written on the calendar (this is almost like setting it in stone).

If you need a little inspiration, or you just want some entertainment, check out this video. 


  1. India, Italy, Peru, Scotland, Cambodia, Finland, Hungary, Monaco

  2. Ooh, this is tough. How about Botswana, Slovenia, Cambodia, Antarctica, Peru and Panama?

  3. Yep. Thailand, india and Cuba. Argentina and Iran.


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