Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello, I Love You.

You might be asking yourself right now, "What the heck is Raina rambling about now? She loves me???" Well the truth is, yes, I like most people, and those who hold love in their heart, I find love for. Which means, that the odds look pretty good for you. However, that is not really what this post is about. 

My littles and I were working on finding a new project to do and in the back of one of the books that we borrowed from the library, we discovered that we could learn how to count from one to ten in Thai! How cool is that? I know you might be thinking, "of course you can", but for some reason, it has never occurred to me to teach the kids any of the languages of the places that we've been learning about. I mean there is a certain level of spanish that we are always speaking/ learning in our house. And when we did our tour of Ireland, we learned that "Slainte" means cheers. We also learned, when we "toured" The Netherlands, that in dutch "Eet smakelijk" means eat deliciously. But we have never really given much energy to the basics. At any rate, we practiced our 1-10 in Thai over and over again. Then I asked my littles how old they were (asking them to answer in Thai) Aiden, "Jed" and Eliana, "Haah." These kids are brilliant! 

Wouldn't it have been cool if Aiden's shirt was a Thailand shirt? ;)
Since I am sure that you are just itching to know, the numbers one through ten in Thai are as follows:
One- Neung
Two- Song
Three- Saam
Four- See
Five- Haah
Six- Hoke
Seven- Jed
Eight- Pat
Nine- Gao
Ten- Sib

Then I wondered, are we pronouncing them correctly? Well with the modern luxury of the internet, it was easy to check.  As it turns out, we were only mispronouncing one... yes, actually... one, which is Neung. I was pronouncing it as "nee-ung" but it is more like "noo-ng".

After checking each number, we thought, let's learn to say "Hello" which we did and greeted each other a few times in Thai. 

Then to bring our Thai language lesson to an end, we learned, "I Love You." After practicing a few times, Aiden looked at me and very sweetly said, "Mom, phm rak khun." with a smile on his face. Thai language lesson = success. 

I couldn't resist posting both of my littles saying "I love you." I mean who could?
Anyway, you can have your own fun with Google translate here. I'd love to hear what you learn! 

Have you been learning a new language with your littles? What methods have you found to be most effective? Do you find that they take it in really quickly, or does it take a while? 

I was suprised with how easily they soaked it in, I was even asking them to remind me later what some of the stuff was and they were still able to count to ten hours later. 

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