Thursday, June 7, 2012

A New Month, A New Country.

Can it be that we are already getting back on the tour bus and headed to a new country? Holy moly! Where does the time go? Well, actually a tour bus wouldn't get us too far, we are going from Botswana to Thailand. 

Just like Botswana, Thailand was a reader suggestion from this post back in December when I asked for your help spinning the globe. Shortly before I wrote that post, I received an email from one of my most dedicated readers, my Uncle Thom, who asked, "When are you doing Thailand?" Since I love Thai food, I was excited at the prospect and because I wanted to keep my uncle as a dedicated fan of my blog, I was thrilled to pull Thailand out of the hat when we mapped out our travels for the year. 

So, today we made the commitment and crafted the construction paper flag. 

Preston got home just in time to take a photo of me with the kids, naturally, Aiden had to be a goof. That's my kid :)

I hope that you'll enjoy the upcoming adventures of Thailand as much I think we will. 


  1. Thailand is going to be AWESOME! Can't wait to hear what you learn and do!

  2. Will you be making pad thai? Soooo delicious!


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