Monday, July 9, 2012

Central America Here We Come!

As much as I really didn't want to leave our Thailand adventure (I even got Thai take out last night as one last attempt to hold onto Thailand), I'm pretty excited to be heading to Central America now. Neighbor to Costa Rica and Columbia, Panama is our newest destination. 

Aiden is at nature camp this week, so sadly he had to miss out on the flag making, but Eliana was thrilled to get to be the one cutting (as that is usually Aiden's job). Don't worry though, we will catch him up later and he will be here for our next project. He even gave the "A-Ok" for us to make it without him, after trying to squeeze too many activities into too little time. 

So, strap on your boots (or something like that???) and gear up to head to Panama with us! 

To read about the Panama Flag, you can check out the wikipedia page here

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