Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dia de los PINTEREST?????

What is it about Fall that makes time seem to fly by and people feel so frantically chaotic? Yes, I asked around and it's not just me. Last night, for example, I walked past my oven and could feel heat and I could smell that it was on. I began to panic thinking that one of my kids had turned it on, or had I left it on from the day before???? As my mind was racing, and I was freaking out about how dangerous either one of those scenarios could be, I remembered that only a few minutes before, I had turned the oven on to preheat it for dinner. This is my life lately.

Anyway, you are probably wondering what this post is all about. Today I'm doing a post that is not on my normal schedule (don't fret, you'll still get tomorrow's post, concluding our Pakistan Celebration).  So, here it is, one of the blogs that I follow, called Young House Love, paired up with a few other bloggers and created a "Pinterest Challenge". Basically the Pinterest Challenge is this: you look at all of your pins on Pinterest, then pick one to actually do, because it is so easy to sit and pin away on Pinterest and never go back to them. 

Last time, I painted a detail on my living room ceiling. This time around, I wasn't as prepared and wasn't really sure what I would do. I have a lot of things that I have found on Pinterest that inspire me and I have 925 pins (yikes!).  However, I just didn't have a lot of time with being driven (read: stuck) to make Halloween costumes, and now that today is Dia de los Muertos, I have been working hard preparing my altar and the kids and I have been working on projects, etc. Don't forget, as I mentioned here, I will be posting about our Dia de los Muertos festivities on Monday. However, I didn't want to skip the Pinterest Challenge, so I kinda took the easy road... lunch. I had to make Aiden's lunch for school anyway and I had pinned this a while back, so I decided to recreate it, sort of.  Here it is, my fall "project" for The Pinterest Challenge. Aiden's Dia de los Muertos lunch. 

In case you are wondering, last time for the Pinterest Challenge I created this (CDG is my design business, hence the logo in the corner):
The ceiling that I was "Pinspired" by was pinned here
The next Pinterest Challenge is going to be in January (according to Sherry at Young House Love) and I fully intend to join in the challenge again. Perhaps you will too! 

Don't forget you can follow me on Pinterest and see what things I'm being "Pinspired" by. 

See you tomorrow!


  1. Ha! I knew you'd branch out from your theme. Love scary scull P,B&J. Hope Aiden showed the proper appreciation (my kids would probably cry). And the ceiling rocks. Next time I'll have to put more effort into making it to the wild girls' night so I can check out all your cool house stuff in person!

  2. Well, it wasn't TOTALLY off topic. It *was* Dia de los Muertos, which is celebrated elsewhere (originally). :)


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