Monday, November 21, 2011

Flying the Irish Tricolor

After completing the passports and potato stamps, then having an Egyptian Birthday Party, we are ready to take on a new country. This month, we are learning about The Emerald Isle. Ireland is one of those places that every single photo makes it look like somewhere you ought to be, so it wasn't hard for us to decide to put Ireland on the list of places that we want to "visit" on our not so traveled tour of the world. 

Making the construction paper flag is always the first step, so I armed the littles for the task. 

Aiden ready to go with scissors and Eliana ready with the glue stick.
We looked up the Irish Flag and we were relieved to see that it was a simple flag much like The Netherlands, as opposed to some of the more challenging flags that we've done like Mexico. I got the supplies ready and we got started. 

Aiden always gets the scissors.
Eliana always gets the glue.
And it's done. 
With the flag complete, we are ready to do our next project. My parent's just went to Ireland a couple of months ago and brought back a book of Irish activities to do with the kids. I also asked a friend who used to live there for some ideas and she gave me some good ones, too. I'm pretty excited and I'm thinking this is going to be a fun adventure! I hope you'll check back Thursday to see what we are up to.

Coming Soon: Irish stamp for our passports, Irish Crafts, and there's a giveaway in the works! 

* Hey! Check it out, I added a "Detours and Shortcuts" option to the menu (Atlas). This way if you want to look for a specific post, like the food from Pakistan, or the flag from Mexico, you can find it quickly, rather than having to scroll the archives (Places We've been). 

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