Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pakistan Celebration Part II- More Mehndi

Since we had special guests for our celebration this month, I thought it would be fun to do an activity, besides eating and playing trivia. I did a little research and I decided that we should do henna tattoos. Henna, is used for important holidays and celebrations in many countries, including Pakistan. When I mentioned the idea of doing henna to my mom, she addressed that fact that we have already done mehndi before (see it here).  After wondering how I would make it different from the last post about us getting Henna tattoos, I decided that there wasn't much that was different except that I did all of the tattoos (except mine, my super talented sister in law, Katie did mine). In the end, since I am blogging about what we did, I decided that I wanted to include the mehndi as well, even if you've seen it before. Really, is there such a thing as too much mehndi? I mean, look at it, it's lovely. 
(photos courtesy of Katie Caldwell) 

I think he's happy. 





So comes the conclusion of our tour of Pakistan. Along the way I had the guidance of yet another teacher from Eliana's school. The teacher, Miss Nasreen is from Pakistan and you can check out the wonderful things she and her family are doing here

Coming soon: honoring our lost loved ones, starting a fun new project that I am eager to share with you, and continuing on our tour of the world with another country. 

*In case you missed the other Pakistan posts, see the flag the we made here, napkin rings we created here, and the food we ate here.


  1. First - great job with the henna. The kids look very happy with their artwork. Second, your kids have some awesome teachers :) Mrs. Nasreen appears to be an amazing woman, doing amazing work. Tell her she has my utmost respect.

  2. Thanks! Miss Nasreen is wonderful, we adore her!

  3. Nice work! You were brave to do them indoors. We did henna tattoos this summer (here: They're so much fun and much easier than I'd feared.

  4. Wow! Those are incredible Andrea! Did you use a template or just freehand them? It is a lot of fun! I'm sure we will find some occasion to do them again :)


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