Monday, April 16, 2012

A Trip Around The World.

So this post is a bit out of place since it's not about Scotland, but we took a trip around the world. We saw the rainforest, and visited Sweden! 

Ok, not really, but the kids and I found ourselves enjoying spring by making a trip to Massachusetts with my mom. While we were there we went to The Rainforest Cafe. This was pretty fun. We had never been, so we were unsure what to expect, but we experienced some lovely fish tanks, under a canopy of lush (albeit fake) greenery, monkeys, birds and other wildlife of the rainforest. There was a nice waterfall/ fountain, as well as, a couple of gorillas and two elephants that Eliana found herself quite enamored with. There were several thunderstorms where the lights went down and little blue lights flashed with the claps of thunder. All in all, it was pretty cool. 

Eliana eating grilled cheese while the elephants hang out behind her.  
A blurry shot of Aiden with the rotating Earth over his head.
Eliana with an orangutan. 
After The Rainforest Cafe, we went to a hotel, slept, woke up and headed off to Sweden, aka. IKEA. There we got to see a lot of Swedish design, in the form of home furnishings and Aiden ate some swedish meatballs. 

I'm sorry to disappoint you all with a "fake" trip around the world, but believe me when I say that no one is more disappointed than me to not be actually traveling the world. 

Now we are home and back to thinking about Scotland. We have a fun Scottish project planned and we still have to stamp our passports, share a book and eat a Scottish dinner, so there's plenty of fun to be had right here at home. 

If you live in the Northeast US, I hope you enjoy the beautiful weather we are about to have today! You can find me in my backyard pushing my littles on the swing! 


  1. I went to Ikea when I was in Colorado and was so disappointed...I felt like a rat in a maze with no way out except past a lot more cheaply-built (it looks so much better online) furniture. I did get some cute fabric that will some day recover my dining chairs, but I'm glad I got that experience out of my system for good. Are you making a vegetarian haggis?

    1. Oooh. I LOVE IKEA! I agree that some of it is cheaply made, but I have found some pretty great things there as well!

      As far as vegetarian haggis, I can't even imagine how one would create something like that :)


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