Monday, May 21, 2012

From Botswana To A Celebration At Home

As a rule, I almost always want to be visiting some foreign land, or least a foreign city. I feel that there are so many places to see, and that I must see them all. Today, though, I don't want to be anywhere but right here at home, and I will tell you why. A few days ago we visited our local public library and I was planning to share with you our review of the books that we read, and I promise I will do that, but not today. Today I am celebrating that my baby is five years old. Today, I am here. Today I am home. Today I am right where I want to be, with the people that I love the most. 

Happy FIVE my sweet little El. 
After today, I will be back to spinning the globe and learning about Botswana. Please check back Thursday for a full review of the books that we borrowed from our library. 


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