Monday, May 28, 2012

Stamping Botswana

It's the time of the month where we stamp our passports with our potato stamps, and scratch our scratch map to show where we've been. 

If you recall, last month I used an apple instead of a potato to make the stamp, and it worked, but it was a little too soft, so this month, I went back to the trusty old potato. Instead of carving an image that is somehow relevant to the country, I carved the country itself. So, with the abbreviation, BW and the date 2012, I made the shape of Botswana. Then I handed the stamp over and my littles stamped their passports. 

After stamping the passports, we grabbed a toothpick to scratch Botswana off of our scratch map. Since the kids both really enjoy doing this, we split it in half so that they can both do a little bit of it. This is really hard when we are doing a smaller country, but this time was not too bad. 

When I stepped back and looked at the whole map, I was surprised to see how many we have scratched off already. It doesn't feel like we've done that many, of course we have MANY MANY more to go, but still, it was kind of fun to see all of the countries that we have studied all in one place like this. 

Aiden keeps asking why we haven't scratched the USA yet. I don't really have an answer for him, because even though we live in the USA, we haven't done any kind of lesson on it, so it feels like we shouldn't scratch it. At the same time, I don't know that we will do a lesson about it because, we already have a pretty good idea of what the children are doing, what kind of wildlife is here, and what kind of music we listen to. So who knows, maybe one day soon you'll see that we have scratched the USA, or maybe it will be the last one we scratch. Sort of symbolic, like we've toured the world and ended up at home. 

We are winding down our Botswana tour, but still have one more thing planned before our end of the tour dinner. Check back Thursday to see what we're creating! 

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