Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hitting The First Mile Marker

As I mentioned in my last post, I have come upon a big milestone. To some of you, this might not seem like a big deal, but to me, I feels like an occasion to celebrate. Sometime last year, we started this journey of virtually touring countries around the world and after several people poked and prodded and practically begged me to start a blog, I did just that. On August 31, 2011 I posted my first ever blog post. I wrote more on my journey of becoming a blogger in my "Truth Be Told" post last December, you can check it out here.

In my first blog post,  I shared the journey of our study of Greece. This was one of my favorite posts. I'm not sure if it was because I was finally making the leap into blogging, or if I just loved it, because it was the beginning of our journey. Either way, it still remains one of my favorite posts. Sadly, as I learned, the first blog post gets very little attention, though, slightly more than the second since all of my friends wanted to check out what I was up to and now many of them get the idea and don't read anymore. I know, my own friends don't read. I can't fault them for not being interested though. What I am doing here is for my children, whether people read or not. 

When I decided to start blogging, I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I had never even considered blogging and I knew very little about the blogosphere. Admittedly, I know very little about the blogosphere still, but at least now, I feel a bit more welcome. I have gotten to "know" other bloggers and many have welcomed me with loving arms. I've seen my page view stats go from around 15 to 268 on some posts! (My top "hit" post is this one, of how we made Cuban banana leaf placemats.) It has been a fun journey to say the least. 

Thank you all for reading and for taking this journey with us. In the next few posts I am going to tell a bit more of my journey as a blogger, though I won't be offering any tips since I'm still a "puppy" in the blogosphere and fumbling my way through. I am also working on another giveaway. I hope that you'll all continue to join us as we forge ahead. 

And everyday!


  1. You're welcome! It's been fun!! Can't wait for year 2!

  2. Hey now, I read these, not all, but I do read them even though I don't post something all the time!
    Keep up the great work! :-)

    1. I didn't mean to imply that NONE of my friends read, but not all of my friends read :) And that's ok! Thanks for sticking with me :)


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