Monday, September 10, 2012

You're Where???

Last week I told you that I was excited to have been blogging for a year and that it has been a really fun journey for me, learning about the blogosphere, and getting to know other bloggers.

A couple of months ago my brother came to visit and we were discussing my blog and tracking page views and traffic sources. I told him that one of the things I have enjoyed since the beginning was seeing where people were reading from. I told him that I have hits from all over the world and that I was certain I had followers in more than a few countries, based on my page views. The next thing he said almost stole my thunder (it would have, but I was to busy being excited about having readers from around the world that I didn't let it.) He asked, "Are you sure that they're people and not robots?" Who? What? Robots? Are you kidding me? So maybe I don't have people in Russia reading my blog???? 

These are the top 10 countries viewing my blog. NOW, I don't even know who's really viewing it. Thanks to my brother, pfft. :D

So, now that I've shared that I may or may not have people reading from around the world, not just here in The United States, I thought it would be really cool if you would comment below and tell me where you live. No, I don't want your address, just which country, or if you live in The United States, which state. I think it would be interesting to see and fun to share with my littles. 

If you actually are in Russia reading this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post a comment, so that I can give my brother a Bronx Cheer. If you are not in Russia, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment, I really would love to hear from you! Don't worry if it's not in English, I will use to read your comments! 

Thanks a bunch for reading! I am having such a fun ride. 


  1. Whitefield, Maine. But you knew that, right. And really, I don't like to think any of my international followers are robots, either. Geesh.

  2. Oregon! Domo Arigato. I wish I was a Russian robot. What an interesting life that must be.


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