Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Saying Goodbye To India

I know that some of you probably think that after my failed attempt at Aam Panna, I threw in the towel all together on this world adventure that we are on. I assure you that I don't quit that easily. I do however, take a somewhat last minute camping trip with my littles before the school year starts. I could tell you about how we drove nearly 4 hours to a State Park campground, or how we made up a story of a teeny tiny hedgehog that was about to start kindergarten (coincidentally, Eliana is starting Kindergarten). I could tell you about playing Go Fish and Crazy Eights in the tent when the rain came, or hiking on a beautiful trail while the rain lightly sprinkled. I could tell you about finding a fun recipe on Pinterest for campfire cones which we definitely had to try, or how early one morning when the tide was low Preston and the littles headed out to dig for clams and get covered in mud. I COULD tell you all about how much we enjoyed each other for the last little bit of summer before school starts, but I won't. Instead I will share of other delights.

Before we headed out of town for a few days, we finished up our tour of India. We knew we were ready, because we had made the flag, made animal batik inspired artwork, read wonderful books (Yes, I know. For those of you who are keeping score, I did promise more book reviews, so let's agree to chalk this up to a regretfully broken promise. I'll make it up to you somewhere), and had a surprise India lesson on an adventure to the local children's museum. 

Of course, I had Indian music playing as I spent the afternoon in my kitchen preparing for our end of the month/ end of the tour of India dinner. I set up our dining room buffet with our globe, the flag that we made and the books that we borrowed from the library. I really like to keep the books handy during our dinners, because we always end up discussing something that we read in one of them and decide to flip through and revisit some of the stories at the end. 

We ate vegetable pakoras, dal kachori served with mango chutney, chicken vindaloo, and aloo palak. We drank ginger fruit punch. In other words, we washed down a whole bunch of yummy with some yummy.    

While we ate, we continued to listen to Indian music, we discussed all that we had learned about India. I asked the trivia questions that I created to gauge what my littles had learned. (If you're new to my blog, don't miss out on the trivia fun, make sure you click the link to see what we talked about.) We discussed where we were heading next and an upcoming big milestone (don't worry, I'll share that with you next time). 

Just so you can see this meal, from my perspective, here is a shot of my dinner plate.

Incase you feel like you missed out on those things that I decided not to tell you about, here is a little snippet of our summer send off. 


  1. Wow...you cooked all that BEFORE your camping trip, then came back and blogged AFTER (while getting ready for the first day of school)??? You are a MONSTER blogger! :)

    1. Well, you can see why I missed a few posts. I'm trying to stick to a schedule with my blog, but sometimes life happens and the blog gets tucked away for another day. :)


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