Monday, January 30, 2012

Cubano Que Come (Cuban Eating)

Last night we had our end of the month Cuban Celebration. I got up early and started cooking and spent the entire day in the kitchen. When we sat down at the table and started eating, I found that spending an entire day in the kitchen produces delicious results. 

We decorated the table with the Cuban Tody Birds that we made here, and the banana leaves that we made here
We ate Pollo y Queso (chicken and cheese) Empanadas, Cuban Papaya Salad, Cuban Bread, and Cuban Style Beans and Rice topped with Picadillo. The littles drank Mango Juice and the grown ups drank Mojitos and Cuba Libres.  
My dinner plate. Yes, all of that went into my belly. YUM!

While we ate, we listened to Celia Cruz radio on Pandora, and I asked Cuban trivia questions. After we ate, I was so full that I was almost disappointed that I had made dessert too and would have to squeeze more food in. Almost. 
For dessert we had Cuban Mango Bread and Cuban Pudding. 
With all kinds of yumminess in our bellies, we sat and chatted with my parents, who were our guests again this month, and geared up for the final step of our Cuban Celebration. Check back on Thursday to see how we concluded our "tour" of Cuba. (HINT: there is a clue in this paragraph.)

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  1. Oh my GOD would I have loved to be there for that dinner. I learned I have a deep love of Cuban food when we went to the Keys last year. Your empanada pic made my mouth water!

  2. The empanadas were delicious! I doubled the recipe so we will be eating them for the next few days. I can't wait until lunch time :) You should try making them! It wasn't very complicated at all, and that recipe is a good one!


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