Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baile, Baile, Baile (Dance, Dance, Dance)

Did you figure out the clue in my last post? "The final step of our Cuban celebration" is dancing. We have made the Cuban Flag, created little birds, tried a new snack, made banana leaf table decorations, stamped our passports, read a new book, and eaten a Cuban meal. Naturally, the next step would have to be dancing. 

My Cuban friend told me that after a meal, her family always does some dancing together. I'm not at all surprised since Cuban music inspires me start boogieing, so it must be the same for everyone else, right??? So, after we ate our delicious Cuban Feast, we moved the party into our almost complete, newly renovated living room, for some Cuban music and (not so Cuban) dancing. We put in The Buena Vista Social Club CD and turned the volume up loud. 

This kid has some moves!
And check this one out! 

Incase you are wondering at this point, my kids and I were not the only ones dancing. Though my mom did take a break to snap these pictures of me with my littles. Aiden and Eliana decided to do some break dancing and even managed to get my dad on the floor to teach him a move or two.

My parents have been practicing their dance moves for a while and they have some really fancy footwork. I took a few photos of them, they were moving so fast and grooving to the music, that I didn't want to ask them to slow down. 

After eating good food and finishing the night with a Cuban dance party, my parents went home and my littles brushed their teeth, climbed in bed and fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. 

We are sad to be saying, "Goodbye" to Cuba, but we have already spun the globe again and we are ready to set our sights on a new horizon. 

Have you done any dancing this week with your littles? Did you learn any new moves? How about break dancing? 

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  1. I'm so behind on commenting - I love all the dancing! Wish I was local so I could've attended! :D


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