Monday, January 2, 2012

Mapping Out 2012: Where do we go from here?

A few weeks ago when I asked you to help us spin the globe, you made some great suggestions! The countries that were suggested, along with the ones that we said we would like to visit when asked in the 2011 wrap up, add up to twenty-two countries. Obviously that is ten more than we need for this year. Since we would draw from a hat anyway to assign a country to each month, we decided that we would put all of the suggestions in and see which twelve come out. We got a lovely new globe for Christmas from my brother and sister-in- law... so I had to include it in the photos of the planning phase. Besides... it's about to get some use. 

The countries that made the list: Croatia, India, Italy, Peru, Scotland, Cambodia, Finland, Hungary, Monaco, Botswana, Slovenia, Antarctica, Panama, Thailand, Cuba, Argentina, Iran, Egypt, Iceland,    St. Lucia, Russia, Belize. 
At the last minute, I decided to add two "wild cards" to the hat. If someone pulled a wild card from the hat then we would spin the globe and the person who held the wild card would close their eyes and stop the globe with their finger, that country would be put on the calendar. 

Taking turns holding the hat.
Aiden pulled a "Wild Card"! I was so excited, he was disappointed. I thought it would be fun to stop the globe and be completely surprised by the outcome. (Maybe I should be worried, is that like gambling?) He felt like it was pressure to get a "good one" and it was pressure that he didn't want, but we talked it up and he came around. The first spin landed on Egypt (surprisingly, since he LOVES all things Egyptian. Remember his birthday party?). Since Egypt was already in the hat, he spun again. With the second spin, he got "a good one". 

We have officially mapped out our 2012! We are excited to see what wonderful things we will learn this year! Our first stop of the year is one that I am so excited about! I think it is going to be a lot fun and I am certain that as always, I will be transported by the music and insanely in love with the food... I may never want to move on to another.  

Coming Soon: The Globe has been spun, check back Thursday to see whose flag we are recreating this month. 


  1. Sounds like a great selection of countries! Can't wait to see what you do with them all. (And Eliana's hair cut is super cute!!)

  2. We are very excited about the countries that we will be learning about this year! Some of them were your suggestions!

    Eliana's haircut was the result of her giving herself a haircut. We are happy with it, but I would have been happier if she hadn't taken a huge chunk out of it on her own. It's still a little wonky in the back.


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