Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reading Egypt and More Exploring

On a recent trip to our local library I made it my mission to find a book about Egypt that was not entirely about Ancient Egypt. As you may or may not know, this is a very difficult feat. I love that there is a massive amount of Ancient Egypt books since Aiden is obsessed with Ancient Egypt (it makes my life really easy), however for the purpose of our current goal, I really want to learn as much about the current culture as possible. 

We found and borrowed a few books that were focused on Ancient Egypt, but looked too good to pass up, like one that is a book of project ideas called Great Ancient Egypt Projects You Can Build Yourself (which you can find here.)

Among these books, we found one called We're Sailing Down the Nile: A Journey Through Egypt By Laurie Krebs. This story is about getting on a river boat and traveling down the Nile River to see the sights a long the way. This book covers some of the ancient landmarks, but is from a modern day perspective. It was a fun one to read as it follows a nice rhythm with a lot of repetition. This book is definitely good for little ones up to bigger littles (my kids are four and seven and both enjoyed the story.)

If you are looking for a good book that has some modern day perspective, this is one that I would recommend.

As an added bonus, completely separate from our Egyptian focus, we also borrowed from the library, We All Sing With The Same Voice By J. Philip Miller and Sheppard M. Greene. If you aren't familiar with this one, it is also a song that was performed on Sesame Street and the book came with a CD, so after reading the story, I popped the CD in and we had an impromptu dance party. Since the book is the song, we also read and sang along with it. I love the diversity of this story/song. Just for fun, here is a video of the song as performed by kids on Sesame Street. 

I have added both of these books to my book list here on the blog, so you will be able to check back for them if want to find them later. 

Also, I am super excited about an adventure that we are going on this weekend. I will be posting about it on Monday, so be sure to check back! The last time we went on a "field trip" we got henna tattoos while learning about Morocco, you can see them here.

After having a few people contact me about trips that they are taking or have taken, I have decided to add a post (once a month if it works) that will focus on my readers' travels. If you have traveled somewhere or are planning to travel somewhere that is one of the countries that we have focused on or are focusing on, and you would like to share a few of your photos and answer a few questions for us, please get in touch with me at mamacitasglobe[at]yahoo[dot]com. I look forward to keeping you updated as this new feature develops. 


  1. It's not exactly an accurate depiction of modern Egyptian culture, but we love Skippyjon Jones books and we recently read "Skippyjon Jones In Mummy Trouble." Skippyjon is a siamese cat who is convinced he's a chihuahua and his books are filled with ridiculous escapades that he shares with a band of imaginary Mexican doggies, all of whom are are named "El Tito" and "Don Diego" and other hilarious spanish names. Worth checking out for a giggle if you run across it - it's amusing for all age levels. I thought of your Egyptian travels when we read the Mummy Trouble one tonight at bedtime :)

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