Monday, February 27, 2012

An Egyptian Feast

A few years ago, my cousin and his wife lived in Egypt for a while. When they returned, they had several treasures that they had brought back with them. Preston and I were very fortunate to be getting married right around the same time that they were returning, so we received these two very special gifts. 

Both of these items have had many "homes" around our house over time, but I was thrilled to be able to incorporate them into our Egyptian feast table decor. 

While preparing for the evening, we set up our buffet in our dining room to show the books that we have read, the flag that we made, and we pulled two camels from Aiden's playmobil collection to sit atop mirrored candle sticks and watch over it all. 

The sweet little kiss photo never leaves the buffet, so it might not be Egyptian, but it's there anyway :) 
Of course, I had Egyptian music playing while I prepared the meal. We borrowed a couple of CDs from the library and both were so wonderful! (I shared one of my favorites on my facebook wall a couple of days ago, but if you missed it you can check it out here.)

Our dinner guests arrived just before the food was ready, we poured some mango juice into the glasses and served dinner. Each plate was marked with a cartouche so that everyone knew where to sit. (See the making of the cartouches here.)

The Dinner: Sole with Dukkah, Kosheri, and Cucumber Chickpea Salad. We also had a fair amount of baba ganoush left over when we made it, so I stuck the rest in the freezer and pulled it out to have with our dinner along side cut up pitas. 
This is my plate of food. I don't eat fish, so I took extra of everything else.
Since I didn't have any fish, I photographed Preston's and he (as well as our guests) said it was delicious.
While we ate our dinner, I asked the trivia questions. I like to do this because it is a good way to recap what we have learned, and introduce our guests to a little bit of it as well. Occasionally, I even throw in something that we haven't learned about just to get the kids talking and make a last ditch effort to teach them one last thing before moving on to another country. 

For dessert I made Date Candy, which was pretty disappointing to me as I discovered that I am not a fan of cardamom, so did the rest of my family. Fortunately, our guests really liked it (or at least they said they did) so they got to bring home a bunch of left over date candies. 
After dinner, our guests did a bunch of dishes for us, which was a super nice treat! Then, we finished the night off with some good conversation and even a little belly dancing. After our guests left, we looked around and most of the remnants of Egypt were already fading, the left over food had been tucked away into containers and piled into the fridge, the cartouches all went with their rightful owner, and the music was over. 

We had a wonderful time learning about Egypt. Sometimes it seems as if a month is not enough time to spend on a country. As always, I am both sad to be saying, "goodbye" to Egypt, but eager to see what we will learn next month about a new country. 

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  1. Your feast looks delicious!

    Thanks for sharing with the Afterschool Blog Hop =)

  2. Thank you Maryanne! It was really yummy and every time we celebrate a new country we have so much fun!

    I have been enjoying checking out the posts from the Afterschool party!

  3. It looks like a wonderful evening. I love how you made an experience out of the lesson plan. Thanks for sharing at AfterSchool.

  4. Thank you! It really is a fun way to close out a "tour". We get so involved in each country every month that it is a lot of fun for us to recap it with a yummy feast and review of what we have learned.

  5. Thanks for sharing on our Afterschool Party, I can't wait to try this out with our Around the World in 12 Dishes Blog Hop. Hope you link this up to that in March!

    1. I love the idea of Around the World dishes! We're hoping to do some global exploration at our home, too!

  6. Kim, I'm not sure if you checked out the other countries that we have "visited" or not, but you can click on the detours and shortcuts link and it will take you to a break down of posts by activity. There you can see other countries that we have celebrated including, some delicious meals from Greece, Morocco, Ireland, Cuba, and many others as well!

    I look forward to checking out the Around the World in 12 Dishes Blog Hop.

  7. The date balls were yummy if you like cardamom!


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