Monday, February 6, 2012

The Eagle of Saladin

We have moved on to a new country and with the start of every new month, we create a flag. This month we are "heading" to Egypt. I recently found a pack of flash cards that are "Flags of The World" at Target in their dollar spot (holler for a good deal! woot! woot!) I thought it would be helpful to have another reference tool besides the trusty ol' internet. 

The top flag on this card is the Egyptian Flag.
I gathered up the usual supplies, a straight edge, a pencil, scissors, a glue stick and some construction paper (red, black and white). This time, we had to add an Eagle of Saladin to the middle of the flag, so I also pulled out a marker. The flag of Egypt is definitely not as easy as the flag of Ireland, but not quite as difficult as the flag of Mexico since the eagle is all one color on the Egyptian flag.

Since the eagle was somewhat difficult, I drew it with pencil and then gave it to the kids to trace the outline and color. 

As usual, Aiden cut and Eliana glued. 

After the flag was completed, the littles were being pretty silly when it came time to photograph the final product. Which was a nice break from the usual "mug shot" pics I get out of them. 

This flag was somehow easier than I had expected when I first saw the photo. Obviously, it has some cute little four and seven year old touches, but I think it came out pretty nice.

We're very excited to learn about Egypt. Aiden has been fascinated with all things Ancient Egypt for quite some time now and I am hoping that this month will be an opportunity to learn more about modern day Egyptian culture. It's not going to be easy to find information that is more about modern Egypt, when there is such a huge amount of Ancient Egyptian history, but I think we will have fun either way. 

For more information about the Egyptian Flag, check out the Wikipedia page. There is an image of the flag (not created by a four and seven year old) as well as information about the symbolism of the flag. 

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