Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Nomination and A Reader's Travels

Very exciting news here for us! If you "like" Mamacita Spins The Globe on facebook, then you already know this and maybe you've already voted (thanks!), but if you have not joined us on facebook, then here is the big news: Mamacita Spins The Globe was nominated for The Best Family Blog for Apartment Therapy's 2012 Homie Awards. If you wouldn't mind popping over and giving us a vote, we would appreciate it! Each vote helps get us closer to the top of the list! You do have to register to vote, so if you click on this link, then scroll down just below the list of nominees, you can register. It takes about two seconds, all it asks for is your name and email address. Thanks a bunch! 

As I mentioned here, I am starting a new feature on the blog. I am hoping that I get enough submissions to make this a regular event, perhaps once a month. After having a few readers contact me about sharing their photos from their travels with us, I thought it would be fun to share them with you! I'm still working on a good title for this feature, hopefully by the next time I will have picked one :)

This first feature is from Taryn at The Sheepscot General. She went to Egypt and so since we just finished learning about Egypt, it seemed like a good time to feature a few of her photos from her trip. We asked her some questions and here are her answers and some photos!

MSTG: What kinds of animals did you see?
TARYN: Donkeys, camels and lots of birds.

Goats in the city!

MSTG: What do the houses look like?
TARYN: Made with sandy bricks... desert houses.

City buildings.
MSTG: What type of transportation did you use primarily during your visit?
TARYN: We did ride camels, but mostly we walked or took taxis.

MSTG: What was your favorite meal that you ate in Egypt?
TARYN: Fresh dates! All the time... we also had lots of coffee, hummus and falafel.
MSTG: (yummmmm)

MSTG: Did you see any good live music?
TARYN: Only people playing on the street.

MSTG: What were the children doing?
TARYN: Children were flying kites, fixing cell phones for work or doing other odd jobs for family. 

Taryn and Ben in a pyramid. 
Thanks a bunch for sharing these with us Taryn, it looks like you had a wonderful trip!

If you have photos that you would like to share with us, please contact me at mamacitasglobe[at]yahoo[dot]com. 

See you next week with a post from our new destination! 


  1. Awesome idea. I will see if my brother would like to share some of his experiences and pictures!

  2. That would be great! I am hoping to make this a regular thing, so the more submissions the better!


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