Monday, March 5, 2012

An Alpaca Adventure

Last spring we were learning about Peru and had to bump it because we started a living room renovation. At the time, all of our living room furniture was in our dining room, so we had to climb over the sofa to get to the table. Our table was pushed against the wall and we were constantly hitting our heads on the chandelier. This is when we decided that maybe we ought to put a hold on our world "travels" for a couple of months while we focus on getting our living room done. 

I was pretty disappointed to leave Peru behind because I wasn't sure when we could get back to it. I had considered doubling up one month, but that is just ridiculous and it never happened. So I am very pleased to announce that our next country is Peru. 

Before we had to abandon our project, I had taken the kids to a nearby alpaca farm. The farm is one where they breed alpacas and they shear their fleece to make fine yarns. Sadly, I forgot my camera so all I have are photos from my cell phone, please forgive the poor quality. 

We were told that sometimes the alpacas will come over to people, but sadly none of them came over to us, the kids were quite disappointed. 

Well Hello Lovely Lady!
There was also a small building with equipment that showed how the fleece is made into yarns, the kids thought this was very cool, as did I. Before we left, we popped into the tiny gift shop that they have on site and looked at beautiful sweaters, scarves and mittens all made from alpaca fleece. It was a very nice outing. I had hoped to go back another time and perhaps pack a picnic lunch since they had a lovely little picnic area for visitors, but I have heard rumors that the farm is no longer open to the public. I am so happy we had the opportunity to go there before they closed it. 

One last look before heading home. 
Look for more Peruvian posts and fun in the coming weeks! Including making the Peruvian flag!

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