Thursday, March 29, 2012

Traveling Friends- Peru

Last month I revealed a new feature that I am hoping to make regular here on the blog. I have asked friends and readers to share their travels with us and answer some questions. Last month, I featured Taryn's trip to Egypt. This month, I am happy to share with you Larry K's trip to Peru. As I did last month, I asked a few questions, here are Larry's responses and photos. 

MSTG: What kind of animals did you see?
LARRY: We saw llamas, wild pigs and various birds.

MSTG: What do the houses look like?
LARRY: There were many kinds of houses: modern buildings in the cities, small houses made of wood or concrete in the rural areas.

MSTG: What type of transportation did you primarily use during your visit?
LARRY: We traveled in a minivan that was provided by the organizer of the trip. We were on a yoga tour of the Sacred Valley of Peru, and we stayed most of the time at a retreat center. We also took a train from the center to the town of Aguas Calientas, to get to Machu Picchu. 

Machu Picchu.
Llama at Machu Picchu. 
MSTG: What was your favorite meal that you ate there?
LARRY: We had many wonderful meals; at the retreat center we ate fantastic home-cooked Peruvian food, including excellent vegetable fritters, fresh salads and grains.  

MSTG: Did you see any good live music?
LARRY: We didn't see any live music, but I did play guitar at the orphanage which is owned by the retreat center.

Horse at the orphanage. 
Jam session at the orphanage. 
MSTG: What were the children doing?
LARRY: Mostly, the children were in school, but we did see children in the market with their mothers. 

Peruvian Wedding Celebrants. 

Thank you Larry for sharing your photos and experience with us! 

If you would like to share your travels with us, contact me at mamacitasglobe[at]yahoo[dot]com. We'd love to see where you've been! 

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