Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cold Llamas and Happy Sun

What is a mother to do with her littles when it is a freakishly hot day in March? A craft of course! We had not yet done our Peruvian inspired craft, so it was high time that we got to it. In my efforts to break away from Sculpey and create some table decor for our Peruvian dinner which is just around the bend, I jumped waaayyy outside of the box (ok, not really) and used air drying clay. 

The supplies, including our very well loved table cloth that is specifically for craft projects.

The littles and I discussed what we would make and we decided to make a sun together, Aiden and I would each make a llama, Aiden would make a potato and an ear of corn, and Eliana would make some beads. She really had little interest in making anything else on her own. 

To make the sun, I made the center shape, then asked Aiden to smooth out as many of the cracks as he could using water and his fingers, I made the rays and Aiden scored them and added water to help them adhere, Eliana made the parts for the face, then scored and wet those areas. Both of the kids added details to the rays after. 

After we finished Aiden thought that the llamas were probably cold and should have blankets (why he thought they were cold is beyond me, it was 86 degrees in our house while we worked on this, so very far from cold.) 

The llamas, corn, potato (cut in half), beads, and the sun.
The cold llamas. 
One blanketed llama. (Aiden is still working on a blanket for his, so in the next post when I share the dinner  table decor, it should be done.)
Our happy sun. 
We had a lot of fun and got a little messy making these creations. I am eager for them to sit on the table as we enjoy our Peruvian feast. 

*If any of you have been to Peru and want to submit some photos and answer a few easy questions to share on the blog, please let me know! I have some great ones to share soon from a reader who recently visited Cuba, but I'd love to squeeze in some Peruvian ones too! Contact me at mamacitasglobe[at]yahoo[dot]com


  1. I have been to Peru- so beautiful!

    1. Becky, from what we have seen during our research it looks gorgeous! Do you want to share your photos and answer some questions to share here? I can send you an email with the questions, etc. Here is the last feature of a reader's travels, check it out and let me know. :)

  2. Very cool! Funny to think of llamas being cold - maybe their fur had just been shaved off for wool to spin into great knitwear!!


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